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Bad sectors are a major problem on the hdd,  there are several  levels of damage on hdd that commonly occured .
To fix the Bad Sector, we must have a very sophisticated program to improve every category of bad sectors on your hdd.  Here I’ll  give some tools  that has proven successful and often I have used so far.  Now you can download for free

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How to fix the burned diode of Seagate Baracuda hdd

When your seagate hdd diode get burned,  you  have just  simply replaced it with the same kind of diode , but  if you don't have any replacement  diode,  you have to remove it  from  your  seagate hdd board.
 This method has proven successful about 75% and it's work properly.

How to Fix Hard Drive Maxtor Athena with Salvation hdd repair

This time I will share my experience with you how to fix HDD Maxtor 2b020h1 Athena which have problems with the firmware.
Well, first you have to set up and prepare the software bellow:
1. Set up your bootable bios into CDROM
2. Prepare Software (Salvation HDD Repair 541DX)
3. Set Up HDD jumper to Safe mode

First step, set up your bootable bios into CDROM:

Insert your salvation program in to CDROM then the screen will appear:

Then enter your 2b020h1 HDD Maxtor, but you must first change the Maxtor hard drive bridge 2b20h1 in safe mode

When the hdd set into the safe Jumper mode the status of  position harddrive will die, let it be it's a kind the influence of safe mode jumper.
Then you have just to read the next  instructions to repair hdd, based on the salvation program.